ABOUT Our Company


Health 101 Group is currenty headquartered in London and established in Singapore since 1997 (199700099C). 101 holding Group is involved in the healthcare industry, the company’s business covers 152 countries and regions in the world. Business include cultivation, research and development, production and sales of raw materials from health products, OEM brands, upstream and downstream industrial supply chain etc. The company is currently focused in on stop healthcare, anti-aging and health related service industry. The company envisions to bring good health to millions of households all around the work.


A friend of mine said to me last night – “Don’t wait till we die and
Count’t agree more!
Live at this moment
Live life to the fullest because Life is unpredictable…..
Share your blessing with people you loved! Money is extremely important but we will never bring along anything with us! Even the richest people can’t take their money with them to their death bed!
Be Happy and stay humble!